Standard Warranty/Support
New computers come with a 3 year parts and labor warranty. This warranty is only for hardware, software is not covered, for example reinstalling Windows.
For budget computer builds the warranty mar vary. If you have questions on this please ask at the time of service.
Warranty on repairs: For parts installed during repair work, the warranty is also 3 years.
(some parts may have a shorter warranty, please check with with me at the time of purchase if you’re concerned).

Virus/spyware Removal Warranty/Support
I can’t offer a warranty on this type of work because I can’t prevent the customer from downloading a virus after the computer is clean. In most cases I’ll give a week warranty (sometimes more), this is on a case by case basis. Falls PC does it’s best to educate it’s customers on how to avoid viruses and customers are free to call if a question arises about a potential virus.

Support After Service
I offer phone support for a limited time after my service. Many times I have to make major changes to file locations or the way things look, especially when I have to replace a hard drive or when I need to re-install windows. I will be happy to help you until you are comfortable with your computer.

If you have any concerns about my warranty, please feel free to call me and discuss this. This page is my warranty claim but if you want a copy on paper please request this when picking up your computer.

Remote warranty support
Many times I can take care of warranty issues remotely. If I determine it’s possible to use remote support I will have you use the “get support” button in the right column or download TeamViewer.

Holding Policy
Falls PC only holds customers items for 60 days. If you cannot pick up your computer or other items within 60 days you must contact Falls PC and make arrangements. I will hold onto your property as long as you need, as long as you stay in touch, keep in communication with me. If I don’t hear from the customer within 60 days I will attempt to contact the customer. If there is no contact then I will sell or dispose of your property, I do not have the room to store customers items indefinitely.

Liability: Because problems can occur at any time and electronic parts can break down any time Falls PC is not liable for problems that occur during or after the repair that is not directly related to the original reason the computer was brought to Falls PC. Example: If I’m doing virus removal and something stops working (hard drive, mainboard, etc. burns out) the customer must purchase the replacement part and Falls PC will install for no charge.
Falls PC is not responsible for typographical errors.
Falls PC reserves the right to limit quantities on promotion products.
Falls PC is not liable under any legal authority for consequential or incidental damages arising from shipping delays, system downtime, loss (including data), damage, or expense arising from product malfunction.
Falls PC expressly disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability for a particular purpose.
Other restrictions may apply.
Software purchases are final and non-refundable (sometimes there are extenuating circumstances and we will warranty certain issues).