Computer repair

For no more than $90 I will repair your computer. If its viruses or spyware I will clean your PC up and show you what you can do to avoid it from happening again. If so much damage is done that the only way to fix is to format your hard drive and re-install Windows it’s still $90 or less. If it turns out that you have a hardware issue such as a bad video card or network card I’ll replace it and clean your computer of viruses and spy ware and it’s still no more than $90. No matter what is wrong with your computer, for up to $90, plus parts, I’ll get it back in shape. If it turns out that it’s something very simple like a cable came unplugged or something else came loose I will only charge for gas and time to pick up and drop off, if you dropped it off and pick it up there would be no charge.

Virus/Spyware removal
Most computer problem are caused by viruses and spyware. These can cause your computer to run slow, randomly reboot, crash, freeze or not even start. Spyware can allow your personal information to be stolen. It can take hours to remove a well written virus/spyware.

Falls PC service HP, Acer, Gateway, Toshiba, Sony, Dell and all major brand laptops & desktops.

If for some reason your computer can’t be fixed, or the parts cost more than the computer is worth and you don’t want to fix it, you don’t pay. But the truth is that anything can be fixed, depending on how much you’re willing to spend, you can go for a re-build/new computer for a very cheap price. I can build you a good quality new computer from $250 to $400 for parts plus $90 labor. If we use parts from your old computer you can make that price much cheaper.

Custom Built Computers (3 year warranty)

When you buy a computer from one of the big companies they save money buy using the cheapest components they can get, all they want to do is make sure it will last as long as the warranty, and many times that is only a year before something goes wrong. Then to make it even cheaper they take money from companies like Symantec (Norton Anti-virus), AOL (America Online) and others to put their trial software on it. These computers are loaded with software you don’t want that will stop working in 30, 60 or 90 days. You end up with a computer that’s already bogged down with tons of software that soon won’t work unless you spend a bunch more money. When I build a computer it comes with software that is NOT trial software. I install an image editor, music editor, .pdf creator, free top of the line anti-virus (unless you want to buy a solid Internet Security suite, which I recommend), and a free office program that is 100% compatible with Microsoft Office. I make sure you’re computer is ready to do what you need when you get it.

Another things about the “big box” companies is that in most cases they use bare minimums on many parts, such as memory or power supply size. I hear this so often from customers, their computer worked fast when they bought it but within a week it’s running slow. This is because it has enough memory to run Windows but not enough to run anything else. Memory is cheap, but when you can cut out one stick of memory on thousands of computers, the savings really adds up.

The main difference between a custom built computer and a pre-built one from a big box company is the quality. The first computer I built was in 1998 was still running in 2008 when I gave it to a customer that just couldn’t afford a new computer. I only use top brand quality parts and this is why I can offer a 3 year warranty instead of the common 1 year that the “big box” companies offer because the parts I choose are from quality vendors that offer a longer warranty. I use brands like Gigabyte, ASUS, Kingston and Antec.

When I build a computer I work with the customer to make sure you get what you need. Many people only need a computer for internet, email and simple tasks then there are those that want a high end gaming computer. I will work with my customers to make sure they only buy what they need, there is always room to upgrade later if needed but there is no use buying more than you need.

(Parts are warrantied by the companies who made them. My warranty is 3 years labor. When something goes wrong I will deal with the company to getting an RMA and when they send the repaired or replaced part I will install it. Falls PC is not responsible for companies that will not honor their warranty but that is rare.)


I offer the best security programs at the best prices. At this time I have Kaspersky Internet Security and Bitdefender Internet security for half price


I offer networking service for small to medium size networks and computer design/building/repair. I’ve been working with computer networking since 1999 and I’ve been building/repairing computers since 1997.
In Hawaii I built a computer lab for Adventist Malama Elementary School in Waianae. I also networked all the computers in the classrooms as well as the lab. I also worked with the teachers showing them what software to use for their needs and showed them how to use the different software they needed to do their jobs. At the same school I did computer maintenance keeping all the computers running to their best ability and keeping them free from spy ware and viruses.

My last big job I did was a computer lab for Milwaukee Junior Academy. This was done from the ground up. Being an electrician for 20 year I was able to supply the lab with all the circuits needed to power the computers. I also networked all the computers. Next was to network all the classrooms & offices then install wireless networking for the building. To see the details of this job click here.

Networking is more than just connecting computers to a hub, switch or router.

First, if there is a computer lab you’ll need more power than the room usually supplies. Having spent 17 years as an electrician I can determine how many circuits you’ll need. In this situation I had to bring 3 circuits to the computer lab then bring power to each table, install a receptacle for the switch, run a circuit for the overhead projector and another circuit for the server and printers.

Second, there is the task of running cables throughout the building. With 25 years in construction I’ve learned how all types of building are constructed so I can run cables in the safest and most efficient manor. Also for installing things such as receptacles (plugs) and other devices I can do it without weakening or damaging the building structure.

Third, you’ll need to make sure the infrastructure is not only what you want, but that it’s properly set up to run efficient. You’ll need to determine how many computers are on the entire network then I’ll determine what you’ll need as far as routers, hubs, switches, wireless routers & access points.

I’ll help you get the most cost effective and efficient running network by knowing where you should have wireless and where to have wired network. Also knowing where to place the routers, hubs and switches.

To finish, I can make sure all your computers have the proper software installed to do the tasks you want to do and show you how to use the software.

As with the web design, my prices are low and my work is quality. I stand behind my work and will make sure you are happy before I consider the job finished.

The Networking Job At Milwaukee Junior Academy

This job started at the computer lab, 24 work stations, an overhead projector, 2 printers and a server. It would be 8 tables with 3 computers per table.

To start we needed more power than what was available in the room. To achieve this I had to run 150′ of conduit from the electrical panel in the gym down the hallway to the computer lab. In the lab I needed power for the overhead projector, a 24 port switch, the 24 work stations (split up in 4 rows of tables) and power for a work desk where computers can be worked on and repaired. I ran the power across the lab and stopped at a box on the wall where I was going to run down to and across the floor. I wanted to wait on running the power across the floor until the tables were in place.

Next I mounted the overhead projector in place. Then I ran the monitor cable and electric across the ceiling, finishing this part so I wouldn’t have to work around the tables.

After the tables were in place I ran the conduit down to the floor connecting to a low profile wiremold on the floor running along the side of the tables. From there I would use power strips and surge suppressing power strips mounted to the bottom of the tables to give the computers power.

After this I ran the network cables along the wall on the floor with bundles of 6 running to each table. To keep everything out of the way I mounted the cables to the bottom of the tables giving it a clean look and keeping them from damage.

Now it was just a matter of placing the computers, plugging them in, mounting the overhead projector screen, cleaning up the room and getting everything running. At this point I had help.

This is where we are now, I’ll finish this page when the rest of the work is done. We still have to complete the work station where computers will be repaired, installing the wireless router, running more network cable to a few more areas and making sure all the classrooms have the computers they need.