More about Falls PC

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Something to know about my service:
• Diagnosing your problem is free.
• I do not charge more than $90 (plus parts).
• I do not make money from parts. I will show you the price I pay and that is what you pay.
• I give one on one personal service.
• If I can’t fix it, you don’t pay, even if I buy parts.
• I believe that fairness and integrity count, it’s my way of life.

Lastly, I’m pretty tired of people getting ripped off from those big box companies, aren’t you? Here at Falls PC, diagnosing your computer issue costs you nothing! The maximum charge for repairs is $90.00 and if it turns out your computer isn’t worth the repair, or it can’t be fixed, you pay nothing.

Here is a list of Geek Squad pricing:
Geek Squad Prices: Per-Service

PC/Tablet Setup    $29.99
Printer Setup    $49.99
PC Tune-Up    $99.99
OS Installation    $129.99
Virus/Spyware Removal $199.99
Diagnostic and Repair    $199.99
+ $99 Trip Charge!

It’s understandable that large companies charge what they do with all the overhead but why should you pay for all that overhead? After just a couple of services you could easily purchase a new computer!