Computer Lab at Milwaukee Junior Academy

This job started at the computer lab, 24 work stations, an overhead projector, 2 printers and a server. It would be 8 tables with 3 computers per table.

To start we needed more power than what was available in the room. To achieve this I had to run 150′ of conduit from the electrical panel in the gym down the hallway to the computer lab. In the lab I needed power for the overhead projector, a 24 port switch, the 24 work stations (split up in 4 rows of tables) and power for a work desk where computers can be worked on and repaired. I ran the power across the lab and stopped at a box on the wall where I was going to run down to and across the floor. I wanted to wait on running the power across the floor until the tables were in place.

Next I mounted the overhead projector in place. Then I ran the monitor cable and electric across the ceiling, finishing this part so I wouldn’t have to work around the tables.

After the tables were in place I ran the conduit down to the floor connecting to a low profile wiremold on the floor running along the side of the tables. From there I would use power strips and surge suppressing power strips mounted to the bottom of the tables to give the computers power.

After this I ran the network cables along the wall on the floor with bundles of 6 running to each table. To keep everything out of the way  I mounted the cables to the bottom of the tables giving it a clean look and keeping them from damage.

Now it was just a matter of placing the computers, plugging them in, mounting the overhead projector screen, cleaning up the room and getting everything running. At this point I had help.