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Windows XP has reached it's end!
This means no more security updates.
As of April 8, 2014 Microsoft ended it's support for Windows XP
Upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to keep your computer updated and protected.
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Computer repair : Virus removal : Custom built computers : Computer upgrade : Spyware removal
Software installation : Hardware installation : Web design : Data recovery
Mac, Macbook, Apple, Dell, HP, Acer, Asus and all others
Laptop screen replacement and power jack repair
Game console repair for your Sony PlayStation,
Microsoft Xbox, GameCube, etc....

Located in Menomonee Falls servicing Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington and surrounding counties.

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 (plus parts if needed)
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Many problems can be fixed without bringing your computer into the shop.
For remote support call Falls PC first, then click the button to have someone take a look at your problem
BE GREEN! Let Falls PC recycle your old computer. Electronics should never be discarded as trash.
Electronics contain heavy metals such as mercury that can find its way into our water supplies and needs to be recycled responsibly.

Most important is that most things can be fixed, before getting rid of your computer contact Falls PC to make sure it's not repairable.

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Who do you trust for computer repair? Why trust me?
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Before you take your computer somewhere else there are some things you should know. Just because a company is large or is well known does not make it better, watch the video on the left.

Falls PC will not charge more than $90 for labor on repairs, even if you have multiple problems.  Additional services like data recovery, printer setup, etc.... may be billed separate.
Because of the set price, there is no worry about unnecessary work being done to run the bill up higher.

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About Falls PC:
Here at Falls PC my goal is to give you an affordable solution. Because I have low overhead (small office space, no employees), I can keep my prices low, but don't be fooled by my prices, I offer quality service and guarantee my work.

I was an electrician for 18 years in Grand Rapids Michigan. My love for computers started back in the 70's when I was in high school. In the 80's I owned a Commodore Vic 20 then upgraded to a Commodore 64 but never did much until Windows 95 came out and made the internet easy to access. In 1997 I started learning web design and building/repairing computers. In 1998 I started working on computers mostly for myself and friends.  In 2002 I moved to Hawaii and continued doing web design including a site for, a consulting company for Phiser pharmaceuticals. I also headed up the IT department for Malama Elementary school maintaining the computers, computer lab and network. When we had our first daughter (2004), my wife and I agreed we will not place her in daycare, so we had to decide who would stay home. Because she has really good benefits with her teaching job (dental & medical insurance and tuition assistance for our children including college) we decided I would stay home and be Mr. Mom.

I moved to Wisconsin in the summer of 2006 where I worked in the IT department at Milwaukee Junior Academy. My jobs included building/repairing computers, designing, building and maintaining the schools network as well as doing web design and some electrical work. I started by building their computer lab and networking all the PC's in the lab. Next was upgrading the network throughout the school and upgrading all the classroom computers. As of November 9 2007 I was stuck at home full time more or less because of our second daughters birth. This brought me to working out of the house doing web design and computer repair/building/upgrading exclusively.

For now I'm just sticking with web design and computer repair/building, I'll be available for networking in the summers when my wife is off work on summer break (June, July and the beginning of August).

I am located in Wisconsin, just north of Milwaukee in the town of Menomonee Falls.

My goal is to be fair and help people. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at (414) 455-6276.



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